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BILLIARD TABLE TERRA by Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda


BILLIARD TABLE TERRA by Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda

Billiard table Terra is the ultimate, outstanding work of art and a four handed project by Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda. The main idea was one of a huge monolith with a single leg at the base, uncentered.
The real challenge in developing such an amazing item is off course to have a perfect balanced billiard table, despite the base is not centered and it stands on a single leg.
There’s no such billiard table in the whole world like the Terra table which is available from 6FT until 12 FT and for all type of games from pool to Russian pyramid and snooker.
As all the table in Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy collection, Terra Billiard is a professional game table and features a wide range in finishings from Marble to exotic woods and metal. The structure is made of 303 asymmetrical panels made and finished one by one by the most refined Italian artisans. The base under the leg is made of the finest selection in metal finishings including silver, brass, bronzed, gold and so on ( send us an enquiry to learn more about all the finishings available at request@massimilianomaggio.com).
To complete the concept, a matching cue rack and scoreboard are also available.
Terra billiard table is part of a limited series which consists of only 100 pieces per year.
Massimiliano Maggio and Fabio Bronda are actually working on the first series, the 0.21 officially introduced in Issue no. 351 on Interior Beautè Hong Kong. The no. 0/21 Black lacquered – Carrara Marble is going to be displayed at the main showroom in Rome – Piazza Navona, Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima 40/41:
Book a visit or step by to see live and learn more about Billiard Terra and Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy pool tables collection 2021.

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