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Celebrating 60 years of Milan Design Week, with Massimiliano Maggio Pool Tables!

Massimiliano Maggio at the Design Week Milan

Celebrating 60 years of Milan Design Week, with Massimiliano Maggio Pool Tables!

Speaking about design around pool tables, Milan Design week (the most important design event of the year) is fast approaching, so it is time to celebrate our iconic items who made the history of Designer Massimiliano Maggio at the Salone del Mobile over the years!

It all started with the Kokà Collection designed by Massimiliano Maggio and Displayed at the Salone del Mobile 2010. It consisted of four items: Cabochon, Class, Diamond and Par pool tables. It was the first time the field of billiards entered the Design world. A huge impact and a very intriguing news for all the decorators and architects who had to include a billiard in their concept. All the for items were professional game tables and provided with a matching dining top to increase functionality over the object.

Then came the Iconic Ziggurat Pool Table by Massimiliano Maggio: a best seller and a timeless piece of design, still nowadays one of the most appreciated among the billiard models, worldwide. It was the first item to show a ultra modern shape: clean lines, 12 panels as a base performing a movement around the billiard balance point and an infinite palette of colors and material to give the customers an infinite choice in customizing their table. Ziggurat Billiard table, thanks to its timeless design is still one of the most appreciated items in Massimiliano Maggio’s permanent collection.

Milan Design Week 2018: was undoubtedly the year of Revolution Pool Table. After 20 years in research, Massimiliano Maggio displayed the ultimate model featuring an engine with voice controlled automation so that the pool table could rise and fall to adjust height without loosing balance. The technology behind was amazing and five different teams worked together to merge: design, mechanics, engine, software and playability of the table. It was the biggest hit ever at the design week and it is still mentioned among the most amazing tables displayed at the Salone del Mobile over the years.
Revolution by Massimiliano Maggio is still the billiard table with the most advanced technology and the best performance in playability of all times.

Today, with more than 40 models of billiard tables displayed at the unique venue of the Salone Del Mobile through the years, Massimiliano Maggio is undoubtedly the most acknowledged Pool Tables designer of the Design Week.


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