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Pool table design MITO by Massimiliano Maggio. Design yours, we make it.

Pool Tables Design Ideas with the designer of Ziggurat billiard table Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy. Produttori biliardi italiani - Pool table ideas by Massimiliano Maggio no.1 Italian pool table manufacturer https://www.massimilianomaggio.com

Pool table design MITO by Massimiliano Maggio. Design yours, we make it.

Luxury Pool table design Mito by Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy is the ultimate item in collection. A custom table, design tailored on a beautiful project for one of the most exquisite resort chain of the world. Mito pool table features bronze metal legs, hand made by our refined artisans to get the table a very glamorous touch.

We provide the client a wide range of metal finishings for this peculiar item: gold, bronze, brass, silver and many others from a chart who displays more than a hundred tones and textures. This pool table (as very tables in our collection) features a 2.5 cm slate,100% Italian from Lavagna (Genova), exceeding three times BCA specifications. The Cloth is from Gorina (ES) best quality for professional gaming. Pockets are available in leather (each colors, on client’s request).

Pool table Mito by Massimiliano Maggio luxury Billiards is available for any kind of games ( from 3c to snooker and pool) and is meant to be manufactured in each sizes from 6ft to 12ft.
As the no.1 brand for luxury pool tables in Italy, we ensure architects, interior designers or even the final client a unique result, 100% tailored to meet their expectations with no limits.

All you have to do is to give an idea or a draft and see how we can make the pool tables of your dreams. So, for those who wants to decor their living with a touch of elegance or the ones who are willing to give their game room a modern, captivating look, we highly recommend to write an email or get in touch with us. We will be back with a custom table, meant to fit your space and tell something about your taste. Follow us to learn more about news and events and come visit our showroom to see live this beautiful Pool table design Mito by Massimiliano Maggio, 100% made in Italy.

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