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Adjust weight and Balance point in 60 seconds. The easiest way, the most effective in playability.

RAPTOR X-TREME S-Series Innovative shafts deserve an innovative cue. New Raptor X-TREME S-series features non deformable CX7075 alloy which absorb vibrations better than wood, has more strenght than titanium and a minimum weight. Adjusting weight and balance point has never been so easy and effective. Cues are made one by one, not a large scale production.

Proudly introducing the Future of Billiards Technology.
Massimiliano Maggio new Raptor X-TREME features 3 cues in one: pool, break and jump.  By adding or removing parts it is easy to change from a shot to another.
The most versatile cue ever is made of Carbon Fiber and cx-7075, an alloy developed in our laboratories mainly studying the automotive, aerospace, and military alloys used for highly stressed structural parts. The result is a an unbreakable cue, made to last a lifetime.

Ziggurat Design Pool table sure is the most Iconic item in Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy Luxury Collection. Its remarkable shape is unique among game tables worldwide, with a style that can comfortably qualify Ziggurat as a masterpiece and the most counterfeited pool table ever.

All cues finishings are handcrafted  (matching the infallible precision of cnc machinery with the most refined hand work).
What’s included: cue, shaft (1 Wood + 1 Carbon Fiber), 4 weights ( adding weights up to 15 available on request), extension tool to a longer cue and a tool to turn it into a jump one.
Weights lodgments are studied to ensure the best balance, customizable on player’s needs); cue case; cleaning wrap. Wrap finishings (Leather/Lacquered each color available/ Carbon Fiber/wood). Your name on the cue (on request).