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Terra Tennis Table

Luxury Pool Table 2 Specs TERRA Tennis Table Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy copia scaled

Terra Tennis Table by Massimiliano Maggio & Fabio Bronda is an outstanding, one of a kind, game table

A deep study of functionality lead these amazing couple of designers to a reinterpretation of the professional game of tennis table: the result is a foldable tennis table and an exquisite piece of design to play with. Terra Tennis table features the standard sizes according to the ITTF rules for professional gaming. The structure is made of superior quality materials available in all Pantone colors and wood essences upon client’s request.

Our selection for metal inlays include Gold/Copper/Silver finishings. Need other Custom Features? Get in touch and let us know what are you looking for your project: there’s nothing we can’t do, when it comes to custom game tables.

Luxury Pool Table Terra Tennis Table Massimiliano Maggio 1 scaled