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Massimiliano Maggio MITO foosball table is a  modern reinterpretation of the traditional foosball table: a statement piece for a truly, unique, entertaining game room.

Combining the traditions of Italian design, art and craftsmanship to produce bespoke luxury game tables. At its focus, Massimiliano Maggio manifests the principle of daring, distinct design that is destined to become a masterpiece: each creations by Massimiliano Maggio is an example of excellence and experience.

It features marine plywood available Black, White or Nude. An 8mm tempered crystal glass and lacquered stainless steel legs (Black/White). This bespoke foosball table is meant for massive use it is a perfect fit for any entertainment room: from private man caves to recreational areas and vip lounges.

All foosball tables by Massimiliano Maggio are manufactured in our Factory, based in Rome, guaranteeing not only an unrivaled performance in gaming  but an exquisite beauty in finishings.

Massimiliano Maggio Foosball tables are crafted using avant-garde technology and the skilled hands of Italian artisans who perfect every detail for an unique and exclusive work of art.  To learn more about Massimiliano Maggio MITO Foosball Table, fill in the form or send us an email at [email protected]