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Acrylic Foosball Table Crystal® Class by Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy, is entirely made of Acrylic Ultra Clear, to a stunning see through experience. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly. 

This bespoke foosball table does not need any connecting hardware and it is the only model entirely transparent. Its elegance comes from the idea of a completely transparent luxury game table, which is meant for massive use but at the same time is able to enhance and elevate design of high-end, exclusive spaces. Available in Classic or Modern version.

This exclusive Football Table, perfectly combines its contemporary design and its playful nature. The functionality of this Acrylic Foosball Table is enhanced by some technical characteristics of the material that makes this  outstanding piece of furniture a professional product for table football lovers.

The whole structure is entirely made of Ultra Clear polycarbonate, anti scratches and meant for massive use. This Acrylic game table is a perfect fit for all game rooms, private man caves and recreational areas. Players are provided in the Iconic dual tone Black/White, typical of the brand Massimiliano Maggio.

The uniqueness of this jewel of italian craftsmanship lies in every detail and the material used ensures a superior transparency in shapes that the glass would not be able to reach. 

No hardware, just Transparent. 100% Waterproof, Indoor or Outdoor, you decide: with this exclusive foosball table, Massimiliano Maggio managed to transforms a popular product into an exquisite example of Italian design.