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LUXURY POOL TABLES by Massimiliano Maggio

Luxury Pool Table Acrylic Modern Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy

LUXURY POOL TABLES by Massimiliano Maggio

A Beautiful Way to Have Fun.

Each Luxury Pool Tables designed by Massimiliano Maggio is meant to tell a story. To reach the goal of a bespoke result, a billiard table must have personality and uniqueness: a pool table that is personal.
It’s more than aesthetics: It’s about creating the perfect game table, tailor made, so that it can match the taste of those who live the space, their lifestyle, their needs and what they want from their game room to spend quality time together.
Nothing defines luxury more than personalized design: this is because it makes people feel special and comfortable. We, at Massimiliano Maggio believe that each item in our collection is never the same, once installed: Every single table is customize according to the client choice on finishings and details. Here’s a sneak peak on some of our last projects featuring our acrylic pool table modern: have a look and discover how, the same billiard table, can be tailored to perfectly fit the space.

First is a Luxury retreat in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The Villa is to be opened next summer and for the Game Room, we just finished installation of a very refined Luxury Pool Table all made in Acrylic Ultra Clear Formula. Cloth color is a Dove Slate selected to match the chairs leather and the lightings that will be soon installed. This is a perfect combination among the project the interior designer developed and the pool table selected: the results is a bespoke, modern pool table beautifully settled in this Paradise Villa. The second project is a lovely entertainment room for an East Sussex villa, UK. The owners are a sophisticated young couple that loves collecting design items and looked for a luxury game table with a modern style, glossy finishings and rust color felt. They loved the idea of having an acrylic pool table and here’s the final result. We could not be more proud to be chosen for this lovely family spot. Here, at Massimiliano Maggio Luxury Game tables, we love to create unique game rooms that speak for themselves. Whatever your style is, if you have a project in mind let us know: fill in the form or send us an email at [email protected].