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Revolution M999 is not just a pool table, with this unique item Massimiliano Maggio  managed to rethink the entire concept behind the object.  He Spent his whole life in the search for movement in an instrument meant to be static and perfectly leveled, and wanted to create something unique, that will live for forever and make the difference. There’s no such design in the pool table field that can last for forever,  Revolution does. Pool tables features, shapes and finishings evolved through the centuries, but basically was just a new dress for the same machine. Revolution is something that did not existed before Massimiliano Maggio dared to bring it to life.

The main idea was to create a pool table that was able to have wheelchair people and others join the same game on the same table.  This pool table raise and falls by a vocal app powered by a common mob. phone. Balls do not move when raising and falling making the Revolution pool table with its design and functionality, the best pool table to overcome architectural barriers.

A dinamic and more affordable version of the pool table Revolution M999 is now available in the POOL TABLES Section, under the name of STAND-UP to reach as many people as we can and spread the billiard game with no barriers. 

All our tables are manufactured in our factory based in Rome using raw materials 100% Made in Italy.

Discover more on the Stand-Up pool table version by Massimiliano Maggio Made in Italy luxury Pool Table.

Make your revolution unique.

Discover size, finishings and cloth

Special Colors 2023 Pool Table


Finishings Pool Table

Size Pool Table


6 ft
180 x 90 cm
214 x 124 cm
474 x 384 cm
7 ft
200 x 100 cm
234 x 134 cm
494 x 394 cm
8 ft
224 x 112 cm
258 x 146 cm
518 x 406 cm
9 ft
254 x 127 cm
288 x 161 cm
548 x 421 cm
270 x 135 cm
304 x 169 cm
570 x 435 cm
280 x 140 cm
314 x 179 cm
580 x 445 cm
10 ft
295 x 146 cm
331 x 182 cm
611 x 466 cm
12 ft
356 x 177 cm
392 x 213 cm
682 x 503 cm
Cloth Pool Table

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