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Why Acrylic is the new Black

Acrylic Game Tables Collection Massimiliano Maggio

Why Acrylic is the new Black

Massimiliano Maggio is absolutely one step ahead of everyone when it comes to research for new materials and high technology in game tables design: after experimenting metals and marble with the launch of the amazing Elements Collection (featuring the Terra  Pool Table and the Mito), he went straight on acrylic and, once again, he set the trends for the entire field.

A Massimiliano Maggio product is meant to be timeless; produced with the highest attention in raw materials and utmost respect for the environment.

We do believe in an idea of beauty based on ethical and aesthetic sustainability: this is why for his new Game Tables Collection, Massimiliano Maggio choosed the acrylic among other materials.

Acrylic may be lighter than glass, but it is still as strong. Game Tables made from this material are perfect for high-use areas, such as bars, and are durable to last in any recreational area. Polycarbonate used to manufacture our game tables is a ultra clear superior quality,  easier to polish than glass, Uv Treated to avoid yellowing in time an anti-scratches (with glass, once it is scratched, there is no getting rid of it).

Acrylic is eco-friendly and sustainable; our exclusive formula is made of renewable polymers with an upgrade in traditional polycarbonate skills: an incredible shock resistant property, a great elasticity and a transparency that has no rivals. To learn more about Massimiliano Maggio new Acrylic Game tables Collection, send us an email at [email protected].